From 10 May 2022 to 27 November 2022

Histoire du Soldat


The Museo del Novecento dedicates a focus about Luigi Veronesi and his Interdisciplinary approach studying the relationship between art, music, theatre and cinema. “Luigi Veronesi. Histoire du Soldat”, curated by Danka Giacon and Giulia Valcamonica, exposes at Spazio Focus -1, from 10th May to 4th September 2022, the group of works, bought by the Ministry of Culture for the collections of Direzione regionale Musei Lombardia and deposited at the Museo del Novecento.   

Six sketches, realized in 1939 with tempera and ink on cardboard, represent the stage costumes studied by the artist for the characters of the theatrical work ’"Histoire du Soldat" by Igor’ Fëdorovicˇ Stravinskij. The sketches are declinated in different scenes: the Soldier, the Devil in different shapes and the Princess with the project of a setting. The play, written in 1918 and inspired by Russian fairy tales, quickly circulates avant-garde environment, such as the brilliant representation in August 1923 at the Bauhaus School. In this period, rich of influences, in 1938 the encounter between Veronesi and Stravinsky’s music took place.

From the sketches Veronesi elaborates the puppets project in the same period of his collaboration with Teatro alla Scala of Milan. Later, in 1982 he stages the show in collaboration with Compagnia Colla alla Piccola Scala.

The exhibition tinerary goes on with the projection of “Film n. 4” by Luigi Veronesi, an experimental film where music of “’Histoire du Soldat” is followed by a series of abstract colored pictures disposed as the Fibonacci sequence. The film, survived the Second World War destruction, is now stored at Fondazione Cineteca di Milano, that has restored the work.

’Histoire du Soldat” comes back to life thanks to the courtesy of Teatro alla Scala, Archivio APICE, Teatro Colla and to the collaboration with Fondazione Cineteca di Milano and to the support of Comitato Veronesi and IULM University.

The exhibition is followed by a public program that deepens the interdisciplinary connections of Luigi Veronesi’s work, in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro Strehler, Cineteca di Milano, Archivio Luigi Veronesi and NoMus.
The first appointement is on Thursday 14th July, at 6.00 pm at Cineteca Milano | Cinema Arlecchino for films’ projection.

Luigi Veronesi (Milan, 1908-1998), multifaceted artist, from the Thirties realizes work through an interdisciplinary approach, mixing fine arts, theatre, photography, cinema and music. In his first experiences gravitates towards the magazine “Poligono” and the Gallery of Il Milione of Milan and around Parisian cultural club of Abstraction-Création, becoming friends with German artists of Bauhaus.

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