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The Museo del Novecento is at your disposal for information about its activities, to receive proposals for cultural events, and to discuss sponsorship opportunities addressed to companies that are focused on the enhancement of culture, and much more.



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How can I submit a proposal for an event?

Presentations of books, conferences, concerts, and workshops are welcome… All proposals aimed at organizing cultural events inside the Museum premises will be assessed by the Direction.

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It is possible to hold corporate events?

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Are photography and video shoots for commercial use allowed inside the Museum?

It is possible to take photographs for personal use only (and, in any case, for non-profit purposes). The Museo del Novecento is not liable in the case of unlawful use of images, or images released without prior authorization, pursuant to Decree-Law no. 83 of 31 May 2014. For professional photo shoots, or video shoots, including but not limited to films, short films, video-clips, TV movies, commercials or documentary features inside buildings owned by the City of Milan, specific authorization must be obtained from the Unità Autorizzazioni e Concessioni foto-video Semplificazione.General.

Click here for detailed instructions. Send us a message for further information.

How can I support the Museum?

The Museo del Novecento offers several opportunities for collaboration through special projects aimed at enhancing the relationship between the entrepreneurial world and culture. Furthermore, beginning in 2014, the so-called Art bonus invites private individuals and businesses to support Italian national heritage by making donations that are up to 65% tax deductible. Click here for more information.

What opportunities are available to businesses?

The Museo del Novecento works closely with corporations to develop innovative collaborations, from corporate sponsorships to the support of specific activities or special projects, from temporary exhibits to the conservation of the Heritage.

Send us a message for a customized platform.

How can I submit a job application to the Museo del Novecento?

The Museo del Novecento is part of the network of Municipal Museums owned by the City of Milan. Staff is hired only through competitive examination.

Information available on the City of Milan website, on the open selections page.

Internship or volunteering: how do I participate?

Pursuant to Art. 18 of Law no. 196/97 and Decree of the Ministry of Labour no. 142/98, all individuals who have completed their mandatory school period are eligible for a training internship. Internship is subject to a specific prior agreement entered into by and between the promoting subject and the employer. Click here for further information about training stages at the Museum. Cultural institutions of the City of Milan offer volunteer activity opportunities according to the procedures laid down by the Volunteer Activities Office. Here for further information.

Come and visit

Come and visit

Discover a year of art

Discover a year of art

A look to masterpieces

A look to masterpieces

Museum & children

Museum & children


Museo del Novecento

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